What is a Gravity Knife: Tips You Need To Learn Now

Did you know that the gravity knife was created to assist paratroopers with freeing themselves from the tangled parachutes? It was designed in such a manner that it could be worked with just a single hand. It originated in Germany and was known as Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger-Messer.

These blades were issued to German paratroopers and flight group individuals during the World War II. These simple to-open blades were conveyed to the USA and the UK by the fighters who took them from German officers.

So, if you are questioning What is a Gravity Knife, then you must read this post thoroughly.

What Is A Gravity Knife

What Is A Gravity Knife?

A gravity knife is one that has its edge collapsed in its handle, which turns out with a power of gravity and the movement of a hand. The principle motivation behind the plan is to open the sharp edge with just a single hand, while the other is occupied. Bam! It’s that simple and you will be surprised to know that it is not much of a fighting knife, but again, can be used for a combat.

Types Of Gravity Knife

What is the start type of knife? soon took over the world with its compact size and ease of use. The Brits, Americans and even the Japanese laid their hands over this petty tool and it developed into a major phenomenon. Below are a few of its varieties, starting from the beginning:

Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger-Messer

It utilizes a sliding sharp edge inside a metal grip frame, which was initially fitted with smooth wood scales, more often than not of beech or walnut. The cutting edge itself has a moderately blunt point, and the profile is level ground. To open the sharp edge, one has to move the FJM downwards while flipping up the support style working lever, enabling gravity to attract out the edge to its fullest degree. Discharging the lever bolts the sharp edge into position. The FJM may likewise be opened by flipping the edge discharge lever while flicking the wrist holding the blade, making the edge expand.

Ibberson knife

After the German gravity knife wound up well known, a British adaptation of the gravity knife was created by George Ibberson and the popular Co. of Sheffield, England. It was created for Special Operation Executive and utilized as an optional battle weapon. These blades were indistinguishable with the German blades, with just contrast being that of smooth wooden handles or plastic handles.

Butterfly knife

Though it is almost like a gravity blade, there is a distinction. The butterfly knife depends on one’s hand movements, as opposed to the gravitational power. In this folding knife, the handle is partitioned into two sections, which can be flipped open like the butterfly’s wings. Opening the handle by moving the two sections from one another uncovers the blade inside.


These are regularly mixed up as gravity blades. Instead of the gravity blades, switchblades are programmed. In these kinds of blades, the cutting edge is contained in the handle, which opens with the assistance of a spring after a catch is pushed.


The ‘transformation’ gravity cut comprises of a standard collapsing blade fitted with reseller’s exchange modifications. The knife does not bolt shut and is therefore classed as a ‘false’ gravity cut. It can even be opened physically without contacting the flip switch. The expansion of the flip, which is appended to an interior bellcrank arm, supposedly, lifts what is called the lockback component to swing it effortlessly.

How To Choose The Best Knife?

With regards to picking a blade, the mind-boggling fluctuation of materials and plans can be confusing. Here are a few pointers that will help you buy the best knife.

Construction of the knife

With regards to toughness and sturdiness, a solid handle is the best approach. Although, knife craftsmen across world say that genuinely well-made blade will have a consistent construction. When it comes to solidness and toughness, a solid handle is the best approach.


The tang alludes to the expansion of the sharp edge that goes inside the handle. There are 2 primary sorts of tangs: partial and full. A full tang stretches out the distance to the finish of the handle, guaranteeing that the cutting edge and handle will never part. A partial tang, on the other hand, just reaches out to about a large portion of the length of the handle – are less expensive to deliver yet more inclined to slackening or notwithstanding breaking after expanded utilize.


Blade manufacturers say that steel is the spirit of a blade. An edge must be hard yet adaptable, extreme and consumption safe. There are truly several distinct metals, each with their preferences and defects. With regards to picking the best steel, it is tied in with picking the best parity of the physical properties that are vital to you.


Tempering or heat treatment is the thing that really gives the steel its mechanical properties, similar to hardness, strength and adaptability. Without the best possible warmth treatment, the genuine capability of a cutting edge can’t be accomplished.


Hardness is the thing that will enable your cutting edge to be sharp and all the more critically, remain sharp. The more carbon in the steel, the harder it will be. Too little carbon, the steel will be delicate and pointless. A lot of it and the sharp edge will be fragile, inclined to chipping and rusting. The perfect parity is around 0.8% to 1.0% of carbon content.


This is fundamental for any individual that does not have any desire to invest their energy cleaning and oiling their knives. Steel structure is constantly about parity and trade-off, and the other side of high-carbon steel is that it will rust effectively.


Of course, the laws are under constant change in regards to gravity knives. It was only till the 1950’s that these knives were considered to be legal, but owing to their misuse, they were declared illegal by 1954. Look, it is all up to you how you use a knife and there is no need to brush against the law. Be safe; use it judiciously and most importantly, according to the law of your land. Hope, franksndawgs.com have answered all your queries about What is a Gravity Knife in this post today. Looking forward to hearing from you, so drop me a line via the comments section.

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