Comprehensive Guide On How To Make A Leather Knife Sheath

These are some of the tips Franks would like to share with you is you want to make a knife sheath out of leather. To get the best results you must follow a systematic procedure and not rush it. The tips mentioned here worked wonders for me and I am sure it will work for you as well.

Sometimes, Franks use many different styles to create a sheath but this one here is a very simple process. The one that Frank’s about to share here will only require two leather pieces. So, if you are really keen to know How to make a leather knife sheath then keep reading and learn the correct process.

How To Make A Leather Knife Sheath

How To Make A Leather Knife Sheath

The Materials That You Will Need

If you have not worked with leather before then these steps will certainly help you get used to it. Once you gain substantial self-confidence you can then mix a couple of methods together to create a sheath.

  1. Leather dye: You have the option of not using this but if you do want to use then keep in mind that only 10 oz of the dye should be more than sufficient. Leather tanned with vegetable dye can be formed well and usually, it is carved and stamped decoratively.
  2. Contact cement: You could try using any cement as it permanently glues the leather together. Try to buy cement of any good company as the results will be more than satisfactory.
  3. Nylon thread (Waxed): You will need to use good quality nylon thread that has been waxed properly.
  4. Reliable utility knife: Try to use a knife with a blade that can be changed. Make sure that your knife is sharpened to the fullest.
  5. Hammer and leather stamps: These are used to add finishing touches to the sheath especially on top.
  6. Sewing needles: Make sure you have good quality needles at hand to help you do the job. Keep a few extra needles in hand.
  7. Belt grinder: The belt grinder can be used for sanding the leather. If you do not get hold of a belt grinder then substitute with drum sander

Some Other Tools That You Will Need

Here is a list of some other items that you should have with you if you wish to build the best leather sheath for your knife.

  1. Matches
  2. Spray bottle
  3. Needle pliers
  4. Drill press Awl
  5. Wood Rasp
  6. Drawing compass
  7. Masking Tape
  8. Scissors
  9. Ruler
  10. Pencil
  11. Paper

Making The Knife Sheath

Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to make a useful knife sheath. To get the best results do not rush the process.

  1. Begin by getting a large piece of leather. Make sure the length is at least two times that of the knife and it should also be wider than the knife. The piece of leather should be really thick.
  2. Place the piece on the table with the leather turned inside out. Place the knife on the piece matching its length. Mark the curve of the knife on the leather but make sure it away from the edge.
  3. Make that you utilize a ruler for creating a line along the vertical height on the leather piece. You must also try to accommodate more space within the sheath to make sure that the knife fits well.
  4. To understand the process better you must study the leather piece properly in order to analyze how much to cut.
  5. Once you are done analyzing, you should now begin by cutting all the extra parts where you marked them. Then fold the piece and try to fit the knife in it.
  6. Try placing the knife on the piece of leather and if they look good. You can then move on to the next stage.
  7. You will now cut the leather that will go above the mark of the belt. The belt area must be quite wide when you compare it with the leather. Make sure you see a straight line and after that cut the extra part.
  8. By now you are all set to begin with the sewing. You should prepare to create a welt. This nothing but creating a protective layer and prevent the threads from coming undone. The welt will actually keep the sheath together.
  9. To create a welt you must mark this approximately ½ inches near the edge, this is the area that will have the sewing. Create a rough marker near the edge. Use the other piece and create a similar outline and also create a welt. Cut the areas outside of the outlines. After this you will need to place the welt where the real sheath is. Use contact cement and attach the welt.
  10. While you apply any glue you have to wait as the wetness reduces and it turns a bit matte and then you must attach it to the sheath. You must get the placement right as the cement is very strong and once it is in place it may be tough to pull it out and you may damage the  sheath

Few Tips To Keep In Mind

These are some tips that you should keep in mind while working on your leather knife sheath. Franks personally followed them and got great results so they will help you too.

  1. Cut your fingernails as the leather when tanned will be wet and your nails will get stained
  2. You must also remember to wash the hands well as wet leather tends to pick up a lot of grease and dirt very easily
  3. Keep your workbench clean as  this will prevent the leather from getting unwanted stains on your clean leather
  4. To get the best results you must make sure that the room you work in has the good amount of lighting in it. You may consider using additional lamps.


So, this is a complete tutorial on How to make a leather knife sheath in the fastest time possible. This is a work of art and it requires a bit of patience so do not rush the process. If you follow these tips properly then the results will be nothing less than jaw-dropping.

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