Guide On How To Make A Knife As Sharp As Possible

A couple of months back Franks noticed how my kitchen knives lacked a lot of sharpness and Franks was experiencing a great deal of difficulty in using them for dicing and slicing.  Sometimes Franks would find them slipping. Not only is it irritating to use one but it can be very dangerous too. So, you must use the right kind of tools to keep your kitchen knives in top shape at all times. Do you want to know how to make a knife as sharp as possible? Then simply keep reading.

How To Make A Knife As Sharp As Possible

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How To Make A Knife As Sharp As Possible: Honing Versus Sharpening

Before proceeding; it is better than I tell you that honing and sharpening are two very different things. Honing is not sharpening it is basically a process of straightening out the edges of the knife with the help of a rod. Sharpening, on the other hand, is to increase the efficiency of the knife by increasing the sharpness on the edges. In other words to make sure that your knives are in good shape you will need to focus on both procedures. Here are some of the effective methods I used to sharpen my knives.

Sharpen Your Knife With A Whetstone

Personally, I love to use a whetstone, this functions very similar to sandpaper. This helps to straighten out the cutting edge and enhance its sharpness. Typically these whetstones need to be soaked with water. Here is how to use this to sharpen your knife.

  1. Wet the stone by keeping it submerged under water for at least 10 minutes
  2. Should grip the knife with a 20-degree angle on the whetstone
  3. If you  notice that your knife is very blunt then use the coarse surface of the whetstone and then use  the fine surface to even things out
  4. Repeat this process until you are satisfied

Use A Reliable Knife Sharpener

This yet another tool that Franks use to sharpen knives and it is the quickest way to bring out the best from within your kitchen knives.  You can buy these online as there are countless vendors that offer good discounts for you. However, you must know that this is perfect for cheap knives.

Electric Sharpeners

These gadgets have been in use for a very long time and are very easy to use. This is a must buy for every household.  I still remember the excitement when we bought my unit and I have not looked back since then. The biggest plus point is that these gadgets are quick and the results are long-lasting. Some of the models run on electric and some of them run on batteries but in the end sharpening of kitchen knives is no longer a tedious task. Here are some reasons why you should buy electric sharpeners.

  1. Most of the models have three stages of sharpening which means the results are above average
  2. These products come with the proper warranty
  3. Very easy to use on a daily basis

Sharpening Rods

I have used sharpening rods quite a bit to keep my knives in perfect condition and here is how you can use it to keep your knives sharp.

  1. You must place the knife in a vertical position and swipe along the edge in an upward direction
  2. While performing this you must use very little pressure and you must maintain a constant vertical position.
  3. If you want the back bevel to turn out really well then you must use a 15 degree or a 20-degree angle


For this, I would ask you to use an old belt made of leather. Simply take your knife and rub it gently on the surface of the belt and while you are doing this keep flipping the knife blade to the other side. You may also apply some abrasive compound on the leather belt for better results.

Sandpaper And Mouse Pad

His is a very cheap method of sharpening a knife and perfect for those people who do not want to invest in pricey instruments.  All you have to do is fix a piece of sandpaper on the mouse pad. Then rub the knife on the surface of the sandpaper at an angle. However, this method is suitable for only basic knives, not professional knives.

Hire Professionals

This is the last resort that I would suggest and this method is most is mostly for people who are a little unsure or timid about doing it all by themselves. Professionals have years of experience and great equipment at their disposal so you can expect outstanding results.  There is no doubt that the results will be long-lasting. However, the only downside is that these professionals will charge a handsome fee for their services. Franks would suggest you use the above-mentioned methods first before you get to this one.

Why Is It Important to Sharpen And Maintain You Knives?

You should keep in mind that the wooden cutting board in your kitchen may sometimes cause the knife to lose its sharpness and a lot of people are now using cutting boards of other materials.  You should know that dishwashers also contribute to the dullness of the kitchen knives. To make sure that you are able to cut, slice or dice vegetables, fruits or meat a sharp knife is most important.

When Is The Right Time To Sharpen Your Knife?

Bear in mind that most brand new knives do not come pre-sharpened from the factory. So you may have to sharpen the further using manual sharpeners or electric sharpeners. You should never use your fingers to test the sharpness of your knife. Use a piece of printing paper to see if you have managed to get the sharpness that you are looking for.


So these are all the vital information you need to know how to make a knife as sharp as possible. Do not rush the process of sharpening knives and make sure you are safe and using good quality sharpening tools. Try to purchase sharpening tools from reputed brands to get the best results.


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