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This Is How To Clean A Knife After Using

It is true that humans have relied on knives for a long time for survival. Be it a pocket knife or a cooking knife, you must take care of it. You cannot use a rusted and blunt knife for anything good. Hence, there are no qualms about it and if you want them to perform […]

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What is a Gravity Knife: Tips You Need To Learn Now

Did you know that the gravity knife was created to assist paratroopers with freeing themselves from the tangled parachutes? It was designed in such a manner that it could be worked with just a single hand. It originated in Germany and was known as Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger-Messer. These blades were issued to German paratroopers and flight […]

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Experience It Yourself: How To Forge A Knife

You may have this question, what do you mean by forging a knife? Well, this means to make a knife from scratch. In simple words, what this means is to shape a piece of metal (primarily steel) on the anvil and forge. Yes, you heard me right; Franks mean to give you some ideas about […]

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Details On How To Throw A Throwing Knife Like A Ninja

A timeless art in itself, knife throwing could be a precious skill to learn. If you are keen on learning this art, then you must know one thing that you need to practice. Consequently, you must also be told that knife throwing is based on pure mathematical calculations. Of course, it depends on your precision […]

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Guide On How To Make A Knife As Sharp As Possible

A couple of months back Franks noticed how my kitchen knives lacked a lot of sharpness and Franks was experiencing a great deal of difficulty in using them for dicing and slicing.  Sometimes Franks would find them slipping. Not only is it irritating to use one but it can be very dangerous too. So, you […]

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