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7 Best Espresso Tampers – Reviews & Buying Guide

The espresso tamper is a small accessory that you use to compress the ground coffee in your espresso portafilter. In turn, this produces a tastier and more consistent espresso. This accessory is often the secret touch of many expert espresso baristas. Of course, if you already own an espresso machine then you probably also have a […]

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11 Best Coffee Makers in 2019 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Getting your daily caffeine dose does not have to be a big hassle or an expensive affair as all you need to do is invest in the best coffee maker. Although the term “best” is subjective when describing coffee makers, there are still some models that will work well for any coffee aficionado, and so they […]

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9 Best Coffee Percolators (Easy to Use & Beginner-Friendly)

The coffee percolator is an ingenious way of making a delicious coffee in a matter of minutes. Inside the percolator, you will find 2 separate chambers, one for the water and the other for accommodating your coffee beans. When the water boils, the steam rises and reaches the coffee chamber where all the flavors inside the […]

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10 Best Coffee Syrups for Making A Unique Taste – Ultimate Guide

Most coffees usually taste bland and lack the sweetness that you normally encounter with other popular brews like tea. Thankfully, with the coffee syrup, you can make your coffee significantly sweeter without adding sugar. Moreover, the coffee syrup contains natural sweets, flavors, and aromas that will boost the taste of your brew. So, instead of simply adding […]

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10 Best Drip Coffee Makers in 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Finding the best drip coffee maker is not always a straightforward affair, and this is despite these being some of the most commonly used coffee maker types in many parts of the world. Drip coffee makers will come in different shapes, sizes and with different features and capacities. And with one in your home, you can […]

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