Details On How To Throw A Throwing Knife Like A Ninja

A timeless art in itself, knife throwing could be a precious skill to learn. If you are keen on learning this art, then you must know one thing that you need to practice. Consequently, you must also be told that knife throwing is based on pure mathematical calculations. Of course, it depends on your precision and deftness as well, but you must be well prepared for it. Frank’s about to discuss all that in this post about how to throw a throwing knife like a ninja in details. Do read it with care, if you want to learn this skill.

Details On How To Throw A Throwing Knife Like A Ninja

Yes, How To Throw A Throwing Knife Like A Ninja

A throwing knife, as the name proposes, is a blade which is intended to be thrown effectively. These blades are not very light, adjusted in the center, and extremely tough so they don’t break. It must be mentioned that distinctive knife throwing procedures have been received by numerous societies around the globe with various shapes and sizes. This is what we conclude from these cultures:

Pick your blade

There are three various types of blades that are useful for tossing: cutting-edge balanced, heavy handle and blades. Balanced knives are for the most part best for apprentices as they make changes to different models less demanding. Remember:

  • You need the weight to be tossed first
  • On the off chance that you are tossing a heavy bladed knife then you will need your edge to be tossed first
  • Hold the blade by the handle to toss it
  • The other way around – in case you’re tossing a handle-substantial blade, you will toss it by the edge

The perfect knife

Keep in mind that fancy grasps don’t make better knives. Discover a blade that won’t require later upkeep. Moreover, the perfect tossing blade will have these characteristics:

  • Will not have sharp edges, but a sharper point
  • Consider the ones with rounded corners, as they are spot on for security
  • Will be thicker with the goal that the tip will not get warped
  • Must be something around 200 grams in weight because anything less will demand more accuracy

Some basics

Before we toss a solitary blade, Frank has to learn precisely what our objective is and the manner by which we accomplish it, for example:

  • Other than a blade, we will require a target to practice on
  • Choosing a decent target is basic for novices and specialists alike
  • For novices, it is basic that you have an easy, but the considerable target
  • This guarantees, to start with, you don’t focus on precision or power, but work on your rotations
  • For this, you can make use of a decaying tree trunk to meet our details expressed previously


Speaking of target practice, Franks would like to go into a comprehensive discussion about it. You must pick an objective target based on:

  • It is imperative to utilize focuses on that are thick enough that the blade won’t experience them, however sufficiently delicate that the blades will slide effortlessly into them
  • For this, you can utilize cardboard or boxes of cereals, as these are incredible for deciding the accuracy
  • More settled blade hurlers incline toward a delicate wood, for example, birch, pine or willow
  • You can calculate paces from the objective (expecting it is stationary) with the goal that you discover how hard you need to toss the blade and can utilize the separation for a reference


Since we have all that we have to toss knives, we should center what our objectives will be! Like different games or exercises, knife throwing requires a specific frame and position. To get ready for your toss, the first spotlight on your balance and body act. Pointers of good tossing stance are:

  • Standing straight – Its vital to stand leveled to guarantee a straight, exact throw.
  • Relax – On the off chance that your body is tense, you will no doubt take a stab at ousting the blade. Not to mention, this prompts inappropriate behavior and conflicting tossing.
  • For right gave handers – Place your right foot ahead and left foot behind it. When using your left hand, just do the opposite of this.


Additionally, while tossing, you should concentrate on how you hold the blade. To hold a throwing knife efficiently, grasp it as you would a mallet or hammer, for starters. Make sure that you:

  • Keep your thumb over your different fingers and ensure no fingers will change the direction of your toss
  • In the event that utilizing a chasing blade, it is essential that you leave room between the edge of the edge and your hand while you hold the blade
  • When you comprehend amend tossing position and shape, keep practicing for perfection


The objectives of blade tossing differ according to your aptitude level. I would suggest you do it in turns, like:

  • Our first objective will be to toss a blade with half revolution or rotation
  • Once, you think you have gained control over half rotations, I would advise you to take full rotations
  • Lastly, I will go for advanced throws, as these tosses present another test which will assemble your aptitudes and will give you the satisfaction of vanquishing your objectives


Safety should be your main concern and basic for knife throwing. Follow these few things to ensure everything is right:

  • While tossing, you must wear hard shoes
  • Make sure your practice area is devoid of pets, children and other people
  • Before you toss, advice individuals close-by that it is perilous and proceed with alert


Just remember to be careful while throwing a knife. This will save you from a lot of trouble and that is the primary reason why Frank was prompted to compose this post on how to throw a throwing knife like a ninja. Use proper knives and most importantly keep your knives maintained. This will certainly see you through the process like a pro.


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