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The meat cleaver is something that you must have in your kitchen. If you are a vegetarian, you will find it to be handy to cut and chop varied veggies and for a non-vegetarian, the uses are unmatched. We will discuss all that in this post about the best Meat Cleaver Reviews in some time.

The first thing that you need to know about a meat cleaver is that they are not only used to scare you, like in horror movies, but have a lot more. Well you chop through bones and connective tissues with ease by using one. To be precise, I have reviewed a few of many meat cleavers that are available in the market to make it easy for you. Feel free to read about them.

Top 5 Meat Cleaver Reviews

Top 5 Meat Cleaver Reviews:

Here is a small rundown of the best meat cleavers in town:


7 Inch Stainless Steel Chopper – Utopia Kitchen


This heavy duty meat cleaver has 100% tempered stainless steel with sharp edge of the best quality. It is worked to meet the troublesome cooking requests of a wide range of business kitchen needs. Its 7 Inch effortlessly edge slices through substantial bits of vegetables, meat and organic products. It takes into consideration precision when fragmenting and trimming bigger cuts of meat and different things like melon, squash and pineapple.

Why Choose It?

The handle is ergonomically intended to limit wrist pressure and gives a characteristic fit. Planned with tempered steel this Heavy obligation 7 inch meat knife is the ideal instrument for overcoming intense meat and bone making it an extraordinary expansion to any kitchen. It is stain resistant, rust proof and it’s simple to clean hardened steel sharp edge will keep the support of the blades simple.



  • Durability hardened steel blade is durable and worked to keep going for more
  • It is totally dishwasher safe yet it is desirable over hand wash to hold the fine nature of the extraordinary sharp edges
  • Rock solid knife is produced using 100% treated steel
  • 7 Inches blade cut slices effortlessly through expansive bits of nourishment and is ideal for bone cutting, hacking and separating


    1. Structured and fabricated only for the intense everyday requests of the business kitchen


  • Ergonomic structure incorporates simple hold handle with the goal that cutting is simpler and snappy


    1. Sharp edge cuts effortlessly and exactness
    2. ABS 430 handle takes into account simple grasp and bother free moving and the unrivaled quality treated steel edge holds an ultra-sharp edge giving enduring and predominant cutting execution


  • Dishwasher safe; hand washing is prescribed to hold the fine nature of the remarkable cutting edge



Cutterly 7 Inch Premium Stainless Steel Meat Vegetable Cleaver Butcher Knife


This is an astounding butcher’s knife that is enduring, hones effectively and takes moderate effort. It is a lifetime investment as it comes with 100% guarantee by the manufacturer. It’s exceptionally attuned, has been tempered from premium materials and is super sharp. Good weight and parity are a few more qualities that you can rely on.

Why Choose It?

This meat cleaver is different from others, in light of the great steel amalgam it’s made of Chromium (Cr) which includes enhanced wear obstruction, hardness and rigidity while giving the exceptionally critical consumption opposition. Molybdenum (Mo) anticipates fragility and keeps up the steel quality amid the warmth during cutting and chopping on a regular basis. Vanadium (V) adds to wear obstruction and solidify capacity; refines the grain of the steel, expanding sturdiness and enables the cutting edge to take a more honed edge. In short, its sharpness can be maintained with little effort from your side.


  1. You get high quality sharp stainless steel at a reasonable price
  2. The sharp edge is 3.0mm thick, which assists with heave, slashing and strength, while being light enough for longer occupations
  3. The cutting edge and handle are one piece for additional quality making it super extreme, without any bolts or joints to extricate
  4. It possesses Rockwell Hardness of 56 of every a 5Cr15mov premium amalgam; warm treated and tempered to be intense and hold an edge longer
  5. Chop Meats, Vegetables, and Light Bones, so you can chop whole chicken, radishes, squash to cucumbers as a matter of fact
  6. Every edge arrives in a custom froth dark gift box for that unique event and furthermore accommodates safe stockpiling of the blade



Zelite Infinity Cleaver Knife


Zelite is a new name that produces one of the most loved knives for people in general. With a rating of 56 HRC, the edge is intense and hard, and has been honed with a customary three-arrange procedure to give a sharp forefront and durable sharpness. Sharpened to 18 degrees on each side, the bleeding edge is sturdy, sharp, simple to hone, and conveys an exact, clean cut with a slight bend for shaking when required.

Why Choose It?

The sharp edge is hand cleaned with a glossy silk complete to decrease drag and cutting obstruction for a smooth, effective cutting activity. Built with a sharp edge substantial equalization, the Infinity manages an ideal slashing movement for power and exactness.

The 7-inch sharp edge is produced from German high carbon X50 Cr MoV5 treated steel that gives fantastic rust, stain and corrosion resistance. Additionally, it is rough in execution. More or less, this company seems to be on an uncompromising task of exceeding the expectations of their loyal patrons. They have succeeded to a large extent in doing for sure. Their products could be an investment for the rest of your life!


  1. The first thing that comes to my mind is that it has a comfortable grip
  2. The blade happens to be razor sharp
  3. You can use it debone, cut, chop, slice and cleave the meat of your choice
  4. It has a full tang and is a forged knife
  5. There is a family of engineers and the innovative designs prove it beyond doubts
  6. It accompanies a 15-year guarantee


7″ Professional Cleaver Knife Stainless Steel with Ergonomic Handle – CPK Elite


This is a blade that can be used on a regular basis. The 7 inch blade can without much of a stretch handle day by day kitchen undertakings like chopping, slicing (particularly through meat and ribs), cutting, dicing and mincing. It is heavier than exemplary culinary specialist blades, makes cutting simpler. In spite of its weight, it is surprisingly easy to work with and adept, as reasonable for cutting a little shallot as an incredible chunk of meat, and utilized by everybody from the most macho culinary specialist to a delicate old woman.

Why Choose It?

Expect full tang on this meat cleaver that comes with solid handle. This keeps the threat of the cutting edge tumbling off. The handle takes into account an ergonomic grasp and simple moving, making it safe to utilize. It is anything, but difficult to clean and is dishwasher safe, however it is exceptionally prescribed to hand wash. The blade has an opening toward the finish of the handle to balance it for simple stockpiling and access in your kitchen.​ If you want to know more, then read the next section carefully.


  1. By now, you must have understood that this is a versatile knife for any kitchen
  2. Can be use for performing multiple tasks in the kitchen
  3. Can be used by professionals as well as home cooks
  4. The blade can be utilized to make paper-thin cuts of carrot and expel the skin from a fish
  5. The blade is anything but difficult to utilize
  6. The weight is critical yet the cutting edge is sufficiently thin to cut, dicing and mincing
  7. Bonus – Expel onion, fish or garlic smells within one minute with each buy of this CPK Elite Cleaver Knife (that is a surprise for sure!)



DALSTRONG Cleaver – Gladiator Series


This award winning meat cleaver comes with full tang, premium materials and quality feel. Extravagance imported dark pakkawood handle is triple-bolted with a grasp that guarantees solace and mobility. Overlaid and cleaned for a sterile form, ideal for occupied kitchens. This knife is ideal for separating bigger cuts of boneless meats and poultry and also dicing, mincing and slashing extreme vegetables and natural products. The additional wide edges give superb knuckle leeway and enables nourishment to be effectively gathered up for straightforward exchange from slicing board to pot or skillet. The sharp, level edge gives more contact the cutting board and excellent accuracy.

Why Choose It?

Engineered to flawlessness at 55 Rockwell hardness and hand cleaned to a glossy silk wrap up. It has been deliberately enhanced hardness, adaptability and slicing resistance. Tall edge offers you with “knuckle balance” and that is quite thoughtful of the manufacturer.

The Gladiator Series cutting edge is exactness produced from a solitary bit of imported premium quality, high-carbon ThyssenKrupp German steel, guaranteeing an ultra-sharp edge with astounding wear and stain obstruction. No doubts it is a kitchen workhorse and can tidy up when required.


  1. This 7-inch Dalstrong knife may seem costly, but quality comes at a price
  2. The weight is very much adjusted is sufficient to swing it once and it will slice through meat without a doubt
  3. The handle is made of extravagance dark pakka wood and is affixed with three metal bolts which ensures that the handle won’t relax up
  4. The wood is finished and it will most likely put off its fragmenting
  5. The nature of the knife is by all accounts fine and dandy and I imagine that it may keep going for a more drawn out timeframe
  6. Incredibly extremely sharp knife, solid handle, imported high-carbon German steel with a hand cleaned edge at 18 degrees for each side
  7. Oval formed empty divots limit suction of stuck on nourishment, cut quicker and cleaner

When Use It?

In simple words, a meat cleaver is designed to split up meat and there are no second thoughts about it. Besides you can use to it:

  1. Chop melons (large ones) without much of a difficulty
  2. Cut into big tubers and even squash (with thick skin)
  3. Carve meat from the bones without damaging the tissues (as this would keep it soft)


In addition to all this, it must be stated that most of meat cleavers will stack up in your drawer. They may be huge, but are ergonomically made and can be stored on a magnetic strip as well. My job in this best Meat Cleaver Reviews was to educate you about these knives in details. I hope I have done justice to it and all I want in return is you to be happy with it. You can share your experience with me via the comments section for more. Let me know which one you tried. I wish you all the best for your endeavors.

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