The Truth: The Best Bread Knife Reviews

You may think that all you need is a chef’s knife and at the maximum a boning knife for household chores. I would like to differ about and if you think you shouldn’t spend a great deal of cash on a bread knife; then you may have to reconsider it

These knives may be difficult to sharpen, which could constrain their helpful life expectancy and you may have to replace them once in 5 years or so.

Rest assured, all these thoughts are going to change once you read through this post on the best bread knife Reviews. Just read this to get hang of things.

The Best Bread Knife Reviews

Top 9 Best Bread Knife on Amazon

Franks has created a rundown of the best bread knives that you can lay your hands on. Read it with care.

Shun DM0705 Classic 9-Inch Bread Knife

This knife is famous for its quality and edge retention. The good thing about this is that is it can be sharpened easily. The blade is made of strong steel and has 32 layers on every side. The design of the knife facilitates smooth operation with reduced levels of friction. There is no doubt that this knife is worth every penny you spend on it. Want to know more about this product? Simply keep reading.

Why Choose It?

Unlike any other flimsy product, this knife will last for a long time as it has a very strong build. Not only is the knife attractive but it is quite durable too. The manufacturer has been in the industry for a long time and so you can be assured of getting the best product in the market.

The manufacturer never compromises on the quality of its products and it uses state of the art technology to produce these knives. The products are tested for quality before people can buy them.

As a customer, you can expect the company to give you a full refund on products that have manufacturing defects on them. You can buy this product online and vendors also offer discounts.


  1. The company offers a warranty that is valid for a lifetime
  2. The edge remains sharper for a  longer time
  3. The blade has angle of 16 degrees for smooth cutting
  4. The metal on the blade is resistant to corrosion
  5. The knife can be hand washed
  6. This knife is made in Japan

Victorinox Swiss Army 10-1/4″ Serrated Bread Knife with Fibrox Handle

This is way more than bread cutting knife it is quite versatile and you can use it to cut vegetables and fruits too. This versatility is the biggest USP of the product and as a customer, you will not regret using the product. The knife is literally engineered for excellent performance. This product has already received many positive reviews from customers and has outsold all its rivals by leaps and bounds. If you are curious to know more about this wonderful product then you should keep reading.

Why Choose It?

Well, the manufacturer has been in the business for years now and has received many good reviews from customers. Professionals recommend this knife for daily usage.

The quality is undisputed and the strong build reassures you that it will last for a very long time to come.

The after sales services offered by the company are quite impressive too. As a customer, you can ask for a replacement or a refund on items that have manufacturing defects in them.


  1. The knife has serrated edges which will facilitate you to cut through vegetables, fruits and bread with ease.
  2. Since the blade is curved you can enjoy flexibility in movement
  3. Very good finishing and will last long
  4. This knife is made in Switzerland and is perfect for all cutting operations
  5. The blade is made from very strong steel
  6. The handle on the knife is specially constructed to provide maximum comfort while holding the knife
  7. The knife is readily available online and most vendors offer good discounts

Mercer Culinary Millennia 10-Inch Wide Bread Knife

Are you tired of using substandard knives that do not do the job well? Well, this knife from Mercer will certainly save the day for you.  The manufacturer is known to make high-quality products and it is no surprise that it has emerged as the leader in the market. Most importantly all the products boast of improvements and this knife is the perfect example. Want to know more about this product? Read on!

Why Choose It?

When you take a look at the features and other aspects of the product you will realize that it is totally worth the money. You can but this online and most vendors offer discounts on this and this also paired with other similar products and sold as a combo pack.

The quality is top notch as the manufacturer puts the product through several levels of quality checks. So you can be rest assured about the quality of the product.

The company offers a complete refund on products that have manufacturing defects in them.


  • The company provides a warranty that is valid for a lifetime
  • The blade is made from Japanese steel with high carbon content
  • The high quality requires very little maintenance
  • The product has a protective guard for the fingers
  • The handle has a grip that prevents slipping
  • The weight of the product is 4.8 ounces
  • The dimensions of the product are 18x 1 x 5 inches
  • The knife is certified by NSF and so it is very safe to use on a regular basis

DALSTRONG Bread Knife – Gladiator Series

From official culinary specialists to home cooks and everybody in the middle of, Dalstrong Chefs are dealt with like family. Your Dalstrong blades work close by you, without stopping for even a minute, making you more powerful, imaginative, and exact in the kitchen.

This Dalstrong has been rightly called as the “Gladiator” has been painstakingly intended to guarantee easily thin cutting with a solitary stroke, insignificant piece scattering with bread, and effortlessly smooth cutting of cabbage, organic products, and boneless ham.

Why Choose It?

Extreme outside layers are no issue as the ultra-sharp serrations guarantee the trustworthiness of the portion or cutting item. The hand-cleaned cut highlights premium materials, careful development and outstanding outline, giving the efficient ‘edge’ you require in the kitchen. It includes a lovely, ergonomic and able to use both hands imported dark Pakkawood handle imported from Spain the Gladiator Series bread cut is precisely intended for greatest comfort and mobility.

With extraordinary craftsmanship, it is considered ideal for cutting a wide range of bread, loaves and additionally, natural products for like melons, pineapples or watermelon. This award-winning bread cut plan, with fulfilling heave, premium materials and quality feel. Its availability at an affordable price seals the deal. Covered and cleaned for a sterile form, ideal for occupied kitchens


  • Accuracy fashioned, ultra sharp, wear safe, single-piece, high carbon ThyssenKrupp German steel at 55 Rockwell
  • Excellent hand cleaned silk complete cutting edge
  • Perfectly built serrations at 18° for each side, guarantees ultra-sharp cutting with a solitary stroke and negligible piece scattering
  • Tapered outline for hardness and adaptability
  • Stain safe
  • Unequivocally tempered
  • Includes a BPA free defensive Dalstrong PerfectFit sheath
  • Polished spine to encourage an agreeable squeeze grasp
  • Full tang for mind-blowing vigor and quality
  • Cleans effortlessly for low support

Tojiro Bread Slicer 235mm F-737

It appears to be peculiar to utilize “fun” while portraying the experience of utilizing a bread knife. However, truly that is the word that most precisely depicts the experience of cutting through a portion of bread with the astonishing Tojiro bread slicer. I had been interested in this blade for some time because of the reviews that speak galore about it. In any case, I experienced considerable difficulties discovering much data on this blade, so I chose to arrange myself to perceive what all the buzz was about.

Why Choose It?

Besides cutting bread, it can cut meat extremely well without squishing all the juice out, is good for tomatoes and even half frozen meat (don’t apply it on frozen meat, as it probably won’t work or you could harm the sharp edge). I utilize it for a great deal of assignments in the kitchen that requires cutting/slicing movements and need a super smooth cut.

Try not to give the value a chance to misdirect you – this is a stunning blade. At the point when the blade arrived, I did a few tests with it. The cutting edge without a doubt is thin and if you are used to thicker knives, I don’t think it could be a problem. It is just my two cents.


  • You get fantastic value because of its price tag
  • Has a solid handle made from wood, yet is comfortable
  • It is quite sharp
  • No doubts, this solid knife is quite versatile
  • Is made in Japan
  • Extremely sharp, so please make an effort to remain cautious

Cangshan H1 Series 59175 Wood Handle German Steel Forged Bread Knife, 10.25-Inch

Cangshan blades guarantee the ideal mix of Asian characteristics and Western textures and plans. With remarkable patented design (pending) that spotlights on strong Teak wood and an ergonomic handle, it makes for a product of staggering quality. It uses tempered steel cutting edge technology and a sturdy wooden handle which transforms it the ideal procurement for your home or kitchen.

Regardless of the sort of bread, you are cutting, whether feathery or hard, ensure this blade will make it a five-finger exercise. Get immediately flawlessly measured bread cuts with this blade. All things considered, this is an awesome item whether you need to get it for individual utilize or as a blessing. It arrives in an extremely chic case, and, with a lace appended, it will make the ideal new house blessing.

Why Choose It?

When finding the ideal bread cut the handle is as critical as the sharp knife. The prevalent nature of the wood utilized changes this blade into the ideal love assertion in the kitchen. High quality from valuable wood, the handle and the blade itself is appropriate just for hand-washing. Hence, abstain from placing it into the dishwasher. With the end goal to guarantee the solidness of the wood, let the blade dry, keep it away from direct daylight or warming sources.

Aside from the interesting plan and the exceedingly subjective textures used to make both the handle and the sharp edge, the Cangshan bread knife accompanies a NSF Certificate of general safety. This means it is secured and has undergone all kinds of hazard administration arrangements.

Accordingly, you can be guaranteed that the bread cut you will utilize is completely purified and you can work it under the most secure clean and general wellbeing controls.


  • Different details of the new Cangshan H1 Series 59175 Steel Forged Bread Knife incorporate a cutting edge length of 10.25 inches produced using high subjective German steel
  • Sturdy handles produced using strong Acacia wood
  • The sharp edge is likewise adaptable and sufficiently unfaltering to superbly cut bread with only one move and do not crush bread into pieces
  • The edge can be effectively re-honed utilizing any sort of blade sharpener you have
  • Be that as it may, you will just do this after a very extensive stretch of time as the blade comes completely honed and prepared for overwhelming use
  • Easy to maintain

Victorinox Swiss Army 10-1/4″ Serrated Bread Knife with Fibrox Handle

Victorinox knives have been skillfully crafted in Switzerland ever since 1884. This serrated bread knife is a favorite of most professional as well as home chefs. More or less, this knife can make large cuts, slice bread, sandwiches and tomatoes with ease. Yes, it stays sharp provided you take a little care of it.

Why Choose It?

It is light in weight, yet sturdy. While testing, the Victorinox Swiss Army 10-1/4 inch knife is found to be well-balanced, reducing fatigue if you have got tons of room preparation to try and do. The handle is formed from Victorinox’s proprietary “Fibrox,” that specialists and homeowners agree provides a cushy, yet secure grip. The manufacturer recommends hand washing.

It cuts through bread like butter, as per specialists and homeowners. It can slice through even the biggest, crustiest loaves of craftsman or homemade bread. It is a smart all-purpose knife, as it can be used for slicing meat, tomatoes, watermelons and horizontally sectioning cakes with just about no extra effort. It comes sharp and stays sharp for years. The 10-1/4 inch size is a proper alternative and it needs “sawing” or a second stroke.

One more thing that you need to remember is to keep it honed, in case you want it to last long. Honing is nothing more than maintenance tools. These won’t let your knife degrade without a doubt. On repetitive use, the edge of your knife becomes turned from direct contact with cutting boards, bones, and other arduous objects. In order to keep it intact, you must sharpen when required.


  • The serrated blade allows you to cut crispy bread and sandwiches
  • The curved knife makes it easy for you to slice with a rocking gesture
  • Users and skilled testers say it’s well-balanced and comfy to carry
  • Lifetime warranty defective workmanship

iMarku 10-Inch Pro Serrated Bread Cake Slicer Knife

Imarku’s serrated bread knife is to a great degree flexible and incredible for cutting everything of all shapes and sizes, from portions of bread, sandwiches, cake to tomatoes, watermelons and pineapples. This premium serrated German tempered steel is dependable, remains sharp, rust proof and is an ideal present for mothers, cooking fans and culinary experts!

Why Choose It?

This serrated bread cut is, sharp and can undoubtedly slice through the portion of custom made pastry or shop bread. No tearing of the bread, and just a negligible measure of morsels. It is an extraordinary blade found at an affordable cost and is super sharp. It has a graspable handle. The sharp edge of the blade wills with regards to cutting bread and huge organic product. It isn’t excessively lightweight, yet comes handy to cut hard cheddar, if that is the thing that you require.

You expect no more pieces! A super-sharp 10-Inch German stainless steel serrated knife can cut through thick bread portions rapidly and easily. Likewise, is of stunning assistance while working with bagels, boules, loaves, brioche, cake, baked goods and significantly more.

Its exceptional design makes it different. An interesting solid plan with the ultra-sharp serrated edge that grasps and cuts rapidly without tearing, joined with an ergonomic Pakkawood handle gives you the accuracy.


  • Don’t constrain this extraordinary cutting blade to simply breads! Likewise easily cuts through expansive natural products only, because it can cut ham, thick vegetables, turkey and considerably more
  • High-carbon German stainless steel opposes rust, erosion, and staining
  • Ultra-sharp, wear-safe stainless steel is easy to maintain and can be hand-cleaned for a glossy finish
  • 10″ sharp edge length guarantees to cut bigger cakes and fruits
  • It has an ergonomic Pakkawood handle molded that makes it comfortable, grasp and mobility

Equinox Professional Chef’s Knife – 8 inch Full Tang Blade

The Equinox Professional Chef’s Knife is a standout amongst the most adaptable and lightweight blade on the market. It is a lightweight knife with an extraordinary quality. It has been designed for expert applications owing to its sharp edge and the handle.

This blade has been my go-to since Frank got it, as it did not lose sharpness by any means. Simply ensure you take care of it after using it wash and let it dry quickly. Truth be told, it tends to be utilized in the most expert kitchens, over the planet and it will fit impeccably.

Why Choose It?

What makes the Equinox Professional Chef’s Knife superior are its handle and sharpness. By and large, you get an impeccable handle, produced using the non-slip material. It likewise offers you comfort, as it fits splendidly in your grasp, in spite of being it is wet as well. Now because of this handle utilizing the blade becomes pretty simple too.

On the other hand, the sharp edge is produced using German steel. This sort of steel is imported from the province of Solingen and is known as the toughest and safest stainless steel on the planet. This likewise implies it is easy to sharpen it and practically requires no support. In the meantime, it will remain sharp for a more drawn out timeframe.


  • In spite of the reality this blade is moderate, it tends to be utilized for various applications and it is ideal for cutting, cutting and so on.
  • The reality it is lightweight makes it incredible for the most requesting culinary experts
  • Remember this is an expert blade, so it tends to be utilized for the most requesting applications also
  • Another preferred standpoint of this blade is the reality it tends to be utilized by elderly and youngsters, because of the reality it is easy to utilize and it requires less exertion to utilize
  • The Equinox Professional Chef’s Knife is a one of a kind model, as previously mentioned, so it arrives in a unique and novel box that makes it impeccable and fascinating as a gift
  • Remember that the cost is reasonable, so this expansion is more than helpful in the event that you need to inspire your companions, or you need to give a stunning blessing to your companion
  • The blade is flawless, sharp, simple to keep up, rustproof holds its edge maintenance and simple to re-hone

When Use It?

Bread knives possess a specialty job in your kitchen and you won’t utilize them frequently as a chef’s knife, which is like the genuine workhorse of the kitchen. Yet for a constrained arrangement of assignments, they are fundamental. What characterizes them is:

  • Their serrated sharp edge, which gives them a saw-toothed edge that can make brisk work of probably the toughest things
  • The essential occupation of a bread cut is to cut bread
  • A decent bread blade should saw through bread without ravaging the delicate morsel inside
  • Bread knives are correspondingly helpful for related errands, for example, leveling the fragile and delicate layers of a cake
  • Except if you keep your different blades sharp, a bread knife could be your choice for effectively cutting through a ripened tomato without spoiling it
  • Owing to their teeth, bread knives fly directly through tomato skin without expecting you to push down and hazard pounding the fragile substance underneath
  • Bread blades are likewise convenient for cutting tough melons and extreme winter squash since their teeth can journey through strong, safe peels where different blades frequently stall out and fall flat


A straight-edged cutting blade is incredible for cutting huge bits of meat, similar to a prime rib or brisket. However, the greater part of us doesn’t cut enough substantial meals at home to warrant giving it the additional space in a blade cabinet. A bread knife makes a fine choice and you should not defer from it.

Franks composed this post about the best bread knife Reviews because Franks know most of us would never give it a thought. Nonetheless, during emergencies, like while conducting a party at home, you may realize that you needed one. Why get embarrassed? Get one today!


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